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July 18, 2011

The Danger Box

By Blue Balliett
Rating: 3 3/4 stars

Zoomy can't see very well, and he has a few other issues which make having friends hard.  But he sees things in a totally different way, and his grandparents take good care of him in their tiny little town.  Then along comes Buckeye, their son and the father that Zoomy has never met.  Buckeye arrives back in town after years with a stolen pickup truck and a locked box that was in the truck.  When Zoomy and his grandpa open the box, they find an old old notebook that doesn't seem to make much sense and couldn't possibly be worth anything...could it?  As Zoomy researches bits and pieces he discovers from the notebook at the library, he makes a new friend in Lorrol, but also they discover an enemy--someone who is very interested in that missing box.  The race is on for Zoomy and Lorrol to find out the mystery of the notebook and to keep it hidden before this mysterious stranger finds out they have it.  A very interesting and fast-paced read that takes us in some unexpected directions.


  • Check out Balliett's website at blueballiettbooks.com. Lots of interesting librarian-worthy info there.

    By Blogger Easepod, At 4:53 AM  

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