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May 07, 2011

The Midnight Tunnel

By Angie Frazier
Rating: 4 1/4 stars

In the start of this new series, Suzanna Snow Mysteries, "Zanna" helps her parents run a resort hotel in New Brunswick, Canada by the bay in 1904.  While her parents love managing the hotel and its wealthy summer residents, Zanna has a different interest: detective work!  Zanna idolizes her Uncle Bruce, who is a famous detective in Boston, and she feeds off of the news clippings he sends along.  She keeps her own notebook of observations about the guests, but it looks like another boring summer until the night of the first summer storm when the power is knocked out and young Maddie Cook goes missing.  When search teams come up empty, suspicion grows that Maddie was kidnapped and Zanna realizes she may just have seen a bit of Maddie as she got yanked away up the servants tunnel during the storm.  But no one pays her any mind, not even her Uncle Bruce who gets called in to help solve the case.  Zanna's excitement about his arrival is cruelly dashed when he barely remembers her name, nevermind listens to her theories.  Luckily, Uncle Bruce's apprentice Will is happy to join forces.  This is an exciting mystery, filled with twists and turns and possible outcomes that will keep the reader guessing.  Zanna is flawed but brave and readers will like her pluck and stubborness and root for her to solve the mystery.  Fans will look forward to the next mystery in this promising new series.


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