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September 22, 2010

Boy Sherlock Holmes: The Secret Fiend

By Shane Peacock
Rating: 4 stars

It is the 4th case for young 14 year old Sherlock, and once again, it turns personal.  Beatrice, a girl from his old neighborhood, appears at his door hysterical.  She and her friend had been attacked by what she describes as the Spring Heeled Jack--a character out of old penny dreadful stories--and her friend was still missing.  Sherlock is incredulous, but when they get to the scene of the crime, they find Louise shaken but otherwise okay.  Sherlock is ready to dismiss the incident, but then the Spring Heeled Jack starts appearing in other places, attacking and frightening the public.  Londoners are already on edge, as politicians who speak out for the poor are on the rise, and the mobs are on the feather edge of erupting into violence and chaos.  As Sherlock feverishly tries to find clues, he wonders if his nemesis, Malefactor, could be behind it all.  Then evidence arises that points to the involvement of Sherlock himself!  Can he solve the mystery before the police arrive to arrest him?  Another good mystery, filled with Sherlock's background and the rather dark setting of London in the 1800's.  Fans will be pleased.


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