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December 08, 2008

Seven Paths to Death

By Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler
Rating: 4 stars

In this 6th addition to the Samurai Mysteries, Seikei and his adoptive father investigate a man found unconscious and floating in a rice paddy. The man has a striking tattoo on his back and Judge Ooka feels that the tattoo may be an important reason the man was attacked. As Seikei copies the tattoo, little does he know that they will discover there are seven different tattoos spread across the backs of seven ex-criminals and that those tattoos put together form a map. But a map to what? And why is someone seeking to kill these men? Soon Judge Ooka and Seikei are in a race to find the men before ninja assassins do--a race to the death. Can they solve the mystery in time? Another solid entry in this great series set in Japan.


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